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You know, now matter how hard you push the envelope, it will always remain stationery!

Where is the best place to be in an earthquake?
A stationery store!

He really has a very good memory, although it isn't very long!

I was heading to the magic show, and when I was walking up to the entrance, I saw something very entertaining. It was the magician turning into a parking space!

What do you call an obstinate optician?
An obstetrician!

You know, two apples cannot form a pear,
nor can two pears each form a peach!

Funny store and building signs


Gov't to Save Money on Printing Costs

Private citizens may now provide printing services to the U.S. Mint by volunteering to print paper money using their home computers and printers. A surge in home printing has been seen in many lower income neighborhoods, providing a new source of economic prosperity to these communities. Many calls are coming in to inmate #1899304 at the Los Angeles correctional facility as he is the go-to guy for many service providers.

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